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7 Top Reasons Your Fiverr Gig Isn’t Selling

Here’s something few people know…

Back when Fiverr was getting started, they took promising gigs and actually promoted them through Google Adwords. They didn’t ask…they just did it. Mine was one of those gigs.

I would get floods of orders, and thought “Wow, this Fiverr site is really getting a lot of traction.” It took me a little while to realize that it wasn’t the site…it was the marketing.

After Fiverr stopped doing Adword promotions, it was entirely up to me to keep people interested in my Fiverr gigs. In time, I learned that there are four parts to selling more gigs on Fiverr:

  1. Choose a gig people want to buy
  2. Optimize your gig
  3. Promote your gig yourself
  4. Avoid silly mistakes

This post is about how to Avoid Silly Mistakes. I’ve also written a companion post that covers most of the other parts: How Do I Sell More Gigs on Fiverr?

Avoid Silly Fiverr Mistakes that Keep Your Gig from Selling

Freelancers often ask me to improve their Fiverr gigs. (You can add your gig in the comments and I’ll have a look at it.) Often the problems are similar. So here is a list of the most common reasons gigs don’t sell on Fiverr.

1. You have mistakes in English spelling or grammar. Hire an editor on Fiverr:) Top gigs usually have clean English. I’ve seen Fiverr gigs in the writing category that have terrible grammar…and no sales. No wonder!

2. Your gig doesn’t make sense. There is a saying: “A confused mind always says no.” When it comes to gig descriptions, people are blind to their own effectiveness. You must get feedback. Work with a few friends or colleagues. Ask them to act as if they were buyers and search for your gig. Ask them why they would/wouldn’t buy it, compared to other gigs they see.

3. You’re not promoting your gigs outside of Fiverr. This is a huge mistake most Fiverr sellers make. More interest = better ranking. And more interest = a better chance of making a sale. If you promote, you get found. Promote your gigs in social media and through direct marketing.

4. You’re not getting enough sales. That sounds circular, but the more sales you get, the better you rank in Fiverr search. Get several of your friends to buy your gigs, even if you have to pay them to do it. A higher number of sales in a shorter period of time helps you rank better.

5. Nobody wants your gig. You can also have a gig in a dud category that no one wants to buy. Make sure you’re selling a gig that people want. Researching your gigs is EXTREMELY important. Even if you’re the best logo designer on the planet, you will have trouble getting sales on Fiverr if you don’t promote yourself. The more competition in a category, the more you need to promote.

6. You’re not cross-promoting your gigs within Fiverr. Cross promote in three ways: 1) Link to your related gigs in your gig descriptions. 2) Have multiple gigs related to the same type of service, such as: whiteboard videos for real estate, whiteboard explainer videos, whiteboard animations, whiteboard animation for services. 3) Link to your other gigs in your feedback comments, like this: “I’m glad you liked your logo design. A custom header for your newsletter would go well with that logo. Check out my header gig.”

7. Your gig ad sucks, starting with the thumbnail. The thumbnail is like the cover of a book…and most people decide if they want to read the book based only on the cover. Is your thumbnail compelling? Do you have a video? Do you have good samples? Will people be compelled to click on your gig, based just on seeing the ad? Get feedback from someone who’s shopping for gigs like yours.

Post your gig url below and I’ll have a quick look and give you some feedback. ~Linda

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7 Replies to “7 Top Reasons Your Fiverr Gig Isn’t Selling”

    1. Hi, Siham. It has taken me a while to get back to this blog, but I wanted to respond. I notice you removed your gigs altogether. Normally I wouldn’t respond, since you don’t have an active gig, but I wanted to make a point here. I agree with your decision to close the account. You received 3 star ratings on your reviews. Low ratings make it nearly impossible to make sales. When you are starting out on Fiverr, or any freelance site, you will make some mistakes, and you may get low ratings. If that happens, don’t be afraid to close the account. Start over fresh with what you have learned. I hope that is what you have done. Your graphics work looks excellent.

    1. Here are some questions you need to answer to analyze your potential profitability on Fiverr:

      What keywords would someone use to find you? How much competition do you have? Who hires you? Would more people hire you if you used a different word than pentest, or are you only looking for buyers who would understand the word? Maybe just “do a Security Analysis of your Website for vulnerabilities”.

      Two suggestions for your main gig (Pentest deep scan):
      1. All 3 of your service levels look similar. Call more attention to the differences (a written report, a recording, you fix it).
      2. Your gig description is pretty good. But you should also say why buyers would benefit from going up a level in service. That might encourage people to buy the higher levels.

    1. Hi, Imade. I’ve looked over your gig and have some feedback for you. First, let me say that you are on the right track. You have orders! There is so much you can do with your skills. Here is an example of a virtual assistant gig that you could mirror:

      Now, on to your typing gig…

      1. Remove the word ‘Job’ from your title. It is unnecessary.

      2. Remove “Hello valuable buyers,”

      3. Have someone proofread your gig description. It contains a number of grammatical and formatting errors. Given that you offer proofreading and typing services, such errors might turn people away.

      4. Under “You will receive:” perhaps mention that you will deliver a Word document (I assume?). I don’t think you need to say you are proficient in MS Word and Excel.

      5. Also, your “Less than 24 hours delivery depending on volume” guarantee is confusing. It can be interpreted as you saying “If I’m busy, it may take me longer.” I think you mean that you often deliver faster than 24 hours. It may be better to say nothing, just leave off the “Less than…” guarantee.

      Here is a typing gig that offers a clear description. Notice the prices are cheaper and she offers unlimited revision cycles, though she does limit the number of hours for that price. Perhaps you can borrow ideas from her?

      Finally, in your personal description, change typewriting to typing. Remove the last two sentences. Change the qualifications line to be stronger (something like, “My qualifications include writing business and resume letters, speed typing, data entry, (I don’t know what bio crafting is), creating Excel spreadsheets, (list several more specific skills).

      I hope this helps you in some small way. I love helping others learn to be freelancers, and believe you will do very well with your skills.

      1. Hello Linda, thank you so much for looking at my gig and for your comments. I will do all the necessary corrections. Thanks, I appreciate.

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