Beach Bum Income



Leverage means earning a lot more income for your time than you would by working for someone else in a “regular job.” Leverage means…

  • 30 hours of work/week gives you the income of a 90-hour week.
  • The work of a $30,000/year job earns you $150,000.
  • A small business generates $300,000/year.
  • Just 10 hours/week makes you $170,000/year (which is where I’m at in my leveraged life).

My goal is helping you create leveraged income.

It could be a side income that helps you save for a purchase (like a house or car), or gives you the extra you need to make life a little easier.

Or a full-time income that allows you to quit your “regular job,” so that you can provide for your family, and raise others up, and enjoy life’s freedoms.

I call it “Beach Bum Income” because my dream was always to make enough money doing what I wanted to do, to allow me the freedom to live where I wanted to live. I’ve gone way beyond my beach bum days in Southern California, but I still love the idea of that freedom…Always enough money and always enough freedom.


In my professional life, I used to be employed as a well-paid instructional designer for major corporations. My last salary was $85,000/year. When the market crashed in 2008, I lost my employment completely. It was one of the worst — and best things to ever happen to me.

While job hunting, I started selling my instructional design and writing services through Upwork. It wasn’t easy. Between researching and bidding on jobs, taking low-paying gigs that took too much time, studying experts, and reading how-to books, I spent 40 hours a week learning how to be a freelancer. Good thing I didn’t have a job, right?

I learned exactly how to find and land the best paying gigs for my precise services. Over the years, I went down numerous rabbit holes where I bought and paid for many learning experiences. Some were very worthwhile. Many others were crap.

Eventually I landed on the perfect online business for me and plowed all my learning into it. The result? Today I make twice my previous income ($170,000/yr), but work literally just 10 hours per week. My great pleasure today, now that my income needs are met, is finding new ways to share my knowledge and profit from it while helping others.

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