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Here’s something few people know… Back when Fiverr was getting started, they took promising gigs and actually promoted them through Google Adwords. They didn’t ask…they just did it. Mine was one of those gigs. I would get floods of orders, and thought “Wow, this Fiverr site is really getting a lot of traction.” It took me a […]

Getting freelance jobs (beyond Fiverrs) often involves bidding on jobs. Bidding on a job is part science, part art. At least to begin with, it’s useful to have a template to go by, as you’re getting familiar with your own bidding style. Below, you’ll find a bid template I’ve used to win $3,000 jobs. The template has […]

I get this question a lot on my Quora account, so I thought it worthwhile creating a complete guide. I understand why people ask the question. Selling gigs on Fiverr can feel like a crap-shoot to someone who’s just trying to break into the site. (Here’s a snapshot of my account right now, as of November 2016.) […]


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