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Freelance Bid Proposal Template

Getting freelance jobs (beyond Fiverrs) often involves bidding on jobs. Bidding on a job is part science, part art. At least to begin with, it’s useful to have a template to go by, as you’re getting familiar with your own bidding style.

Below, you’ll find a bid template I’ve used to win $3,000 jobs. The template has two sides. On the left side is the bid itself. On the right side, I explain the purpose of each section.

I use essentially the same bid for all my freelance writing projects, large or small. But if you don’t use my exact template, you can certainly borrow ideas to create your own bids in response to freelance job proposals.

2 Musts for all Freelance Bids

Before getting to the template, I want to point out two factors that always make a difference when I buy freelancer work myself. These factors are important, no matter what bid format or template you use:

  1. Be real with people. People hire freelancers they like. If the bid isn’t clear, offer some thoughts about what they might be looking for…engage in a conversation! The more people hear you saying exactly what they’re thinking, the better. Be the expert they’re looking for. But don’t be cocky or too assumptive, and don’t try to sell yourself. Just be yourself.
  2. Talk about what you do to achieve their goals. Here’s a typical job post example, followed by a response that addresses their ultimate reasons or goals:

Job — 1,500-word Report about Dog Training.
I’m looking for someone to write a 1,500 word report for my website about dog training. The purpose of the report is to get people to sign up for my email newsletter. Here are the points I want you to cover: [points]

Here’s an opening statement you could make in responding to this job proposal. The statement shows that you understand why they want a free report. You’re acting like a consultant about free reports, not just a writer. “I write free reports (what they said they want) that draw people in and make them want more information from you (the purpose of what they want).”

My Winning Bid Proposal Template

On the left side of the page is the bid. On the right side is an explanation of each part of the bid.

If you want feedback on your own freelance bid proposal, please add it to the comments below. Remove specific job or contact details first. Then I’ll offer my own ideas about how you might be able to improve.


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