Beach Bum Income

Let’s say that you want to sell an affiliate product, but you don’t have a social media following or a blog. In other words, you don’t have a forum or platform to sell from. In that case, there are two approaches remaining to sell that product. One is to advertise the heck out of it DIRECTLY (“Buy […]

Writing reports was my entry into the freelance world back in the 1980’s. I wrote little booklets on everything from how to buy a house to how to groom a horse. Each piece was just 3,000 to 5,000 words. I would spend 2 to 5 days researching and writing, then I would print them at Kinkos and […]

I get this question a lot on my Quora account, so I thought it worthwhile creating a complete guide. I understand why people ask the question. Selling gigs on Fiverr can feel like a crap-shoot to someone who’s just trying to break into the site. (Here’s a snapshot of my account right now, as of November 2016.) […]

Welcome to My Daydream

This morning I walked on the beach, then made a cup of coffee and got to work. I'm grateful to be able to work from where ever I want, knowing I'll always be able to make money online.
My joy is showing you how easy it is to have a good income online, too. And if you're already making some money, then I'll help you make more! Read about...

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