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In 2017, there are more people than ever making a full-time, part-time, and life-changing income online. Following is a list of over 50 LEGITIMATE ways to work online from home in four categories, each placed into it’s own post because the lists and explanations are so detailed. Freelance work for hire, Repetitive online tasks that pay a […]

Here’s something few people know… Back when Fiverr was getting started, they took promising gigs and actually promoted them through Google Adwords. They didn’t ask…they just did it. Mine was one of those gigs. I would get floods of orders, and thought “Wow, this Fiverr site is really getting a lot of traction.” It took me a […]

Getting freelance jobs (beyond Fiverrs) often involves bidding on jobs. Bidding on a job is part science, part art. At least to begin with, it’s useful to have a template to go by, as you’re getting familiar with your own bidding style. Below, you’ll find a bid template I’ve used to win $3,000 jobs. The template has […]

If you have an online store or a site where you review and compare products, you might like this nifty tool. It increased my sales by 27%…with absolutely no additional effort once it was set up. That’s an *extra $540/month on every $2,000 I make from store product sales. *Results may (and most likely will) vary! Why […]

Which Online Payment System Do You Need? When you’re a freelancer who’s just learning how to make money online, payment systems can be confusing. Here’s a big picture explanation of how it all works, from the top down. Freelancers First, if you’re getting paid through a freelancing site like Upwork or PeoplePerHour, you only need a PayPal […]

Welcome to My Daydream

This morning I walked on the beach, then made a cup of coffee and got to work. I'm grateful to be able to work from where ever I want, knowing I'll always be able to make money online.
My joy is showing you how easy it is to have a good income online, too. And if you're already making some money, then I'll help you make more! Read about...

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