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Storeminator Review for eBay and Amazon Stores

If you have an online store or a site where you review and compare products, you might like this nifty tool. It increased my sales by 27%…with absolutely no additional effort once it was set up. That’s an *extra $540/month on every $2,000 I make from store product sales. *Results may (and most likely will) vary!

Why It Works

When I first started doing product reviews, I would create my own price comparison charts. Example: I knew the Hamilton Beach 1.5 Qt Electric Ice Cream Maker would sell well on Amazon at $29,99. So I wanted to show a higher price, which eBay had at $37.90. That would push buyers towards the Amazon purchase. (And some loyal shoppers would STILL purchase from eBay!) To accomplish this, I needed to manually added both links to a comparison table on my web page.

The concept is that most shoppers will purchase at the best price. So…if they only see one price in your review, then they’ll leave your site to find the same product at another price. They’ll comparison shop. If you offer two or more prices, you increase the odds that they’ll click on one of your links. Of course, many of them will still go shop around, but at least you’ve increased the odds of them purchasing from one of your links.

The Storeminator (like The Terminator) is a WordPress Plugin that does all that work for me. It pulls all that pricing data, and creates an attractive, professional-looking table automatically that makes me look like one of the big guys.

How It Works

Storeminator works inside a post or page. Currently it only pulls pricing data from three sources: Amazon, eBay, and Commission Junction. But…

According to the developer, Mark Daniels: “The way I wrote Storeminator, I can basically add plugins, according to demand. So at the moment Amazon, eBay and CJ are supported (remember CJ has multiple sellers so it makes it look like you have multiple additional stores represented). But I can fairly easily add plugins for others – preferably programs that have a good web service to fetch data from. Probably Linkshare is the next possible candidate. But I will have to see what the demand is.”

Operating Details

Make sure you go through the checklist below for a relatively pain-free installation and activation. If you’ve got a handy web-guy or gal to help you, it’ll be a snap.

To run Storeminator you need to have:

  • Some basic knowledge of how to set up and run a WordPress site
  • A site on decent hosting running the latest version of WordPress, on PHP5 or 6 (PHP7 currently not supported)
  • An affiliate account with Amazon® (in whatever country you want to use – .com and are currently supported, others should work too but I cannot guarantee it) – you will also need to sign up for the Amazon® API (explained in the docs).
  • An affiliate account with eBay Partner Network® – or an account with Skimlinks® that gives you access to EPN. You will also need an eBay® Developer ID (explained in the docs).
  • A Commission Junction® affiliate account if you want to use that plugin too. You will also have to sign up for a CJ® Developer Key (explained).

If you’re wondering about how it works on finicky Amazon, I have used it and it pulls pricing correctly from the Amazon API, so there doesn’t seem to be any problems.

The plugin is coded in SEO-friendly HTML, without Javascript or complicated code. You can make design changes to the color, title, layout, sizes, etc. by accessing the WordPress plugin files…but if that’s a little advanced for you, you can use it just as it is, right out of the box.

Where to Buy The Storeminator

I recommend that you buy the plugin through Clickbank, as you get a 30 day money back guarantee, which is safer (in my opinion) than buying it through a 3rd party website. Also, I’ve had problems getting refunds from sites like WarriorSpecialOffers. Click here to go to Storeminator’s Clickbank offer page. Give it a try, get your money back if it’s not worth it. It’s that simple.

Current pricing is $37 for a single site, and $47 for multiple sites. Even if you currently have only one store, you might want to get the multi-site license for future use.

Click here to see the Clickbank offer page with more details.

What I Like

  • Personally I don’t set up my own plugins, so my web guy says it was fairly easy. That’s one advantage of making more money…you get to have other people do things for you.
  • It pulls optional prices from my own affiliate accounts, so they’re only buying from me.
  • It’s customizable (for my web guy, but also for anyone who can take a bit of time to tinker with the plugin files).
  • Most importantly, it looks very professional…not at all like my tacked-together tables from before.

What I Don’t Like

  • It’s harder for me to set up than simply pushing buttons. I could figure it out…it’s not rocket science, but it takes a bit of time. Well worth it, probably.
  • It only uses (at this time, June 2017), three networks: Amazon, eBay, and Commission Junction. Those are my main three anyway, so that wasn’t a hardship.

Final Suggestion

If you have a review site and you have affiliate accounts on eBay, Amazon, and Commission Junction, then set up an experiment. Use an AB test on two review pages, one with and one without the plugin. Try it for 25 days, giving you plenty of time for a refund if you don’t see a difference in results.

But if you’re not set up for AB testing, then you can run your non-Storeminator version for a month, then your Storeminator version for a month. Then compare. Not exactly the same as an AB test, but you’ll get an idea of whether or not it’s worthwhile.

Click here to see the Clickbank offer page with more details.

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